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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kalamay na kalabasa (Visayan)

How to make Kalamay na kalabasa (Visayan) recipe - One can also mold this kalamay into a flat sheet between 2 banana leaves. Gene Gonzalez

3 cups cooked and mashed kalabasa
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups galapong malagkit
4 tbsp. butter
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tsp. vanilla

1. Cut the kalabasa and remove the skin and seeds. Cut into 2-inch cubes. Cook until softened and strain until dry. Set aside.

2. In a casserole, combine the kalabasa, brown sugar, galapong malagkit, butter, coconut milk and vanilla.

3. Boil until thickened for 1–2 hours.

4. Line a 9-inch pan using banana leaves. Brush with butter then refrigerate.

5. Serve cold. Top with latik and 1 cup coconut milk (kakang gata) on the side.

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