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Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Fashioned Hamburgers

How to make Old Fashioned Hamburgers Recipe

1 1/2 lb lean beef,Ground
3 T butter (or regular margarine)
1 t salt
1/8 t pepper
1/2 t dry mustard
1/2 t paprika
1 t worcestershire sauce
2 T lemon juice

Shape the beef into 6 thick patties. In a large heavy skillet heat 1 Tbls of the butter or margarine and add the patties and cook to the desired doneness.

Meanwhile stir the remaining ingredients together adding 2 Tsp of water to them.

Remove the patties to hot plates and cut 2 gashes in each and sprinkle with the spice mixture.

Top each patty with a Tsp of butter or margarine.

Stir 2 Tbls of water into the skillet and bring to a boil then pour over the burgers. Serve at once.
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