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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mcdonalds Filet-O-Fish

How to make Mcdonalds Filet-O-Fish Recipe

2 T Mayonnaise
2 t Sweet relish
2 t Minced onion pn Salt
2 Plain hamburger buns
2 Mrs. Paul's breaded- Fish portions (square)
1 sl American cheese

In a small bowl, mix together the mayonnaise,relish,minced onion, and salt and set aside. This is your tartar sauce.

Lightly grill the faces of the buns.

Cook the fish according to the package instructions. You can bake the fish, but your sandwich will taste much more like the original if you fry it in oil.

Divide the tartar sauce and spread it evenly on each of the top buns.

Slice the cheese in half and place a piece on each of the bottom buns.

Place the cooked fish on top of the cheese slice on each sandwich, and top off the sandwiches with the top buns.

Microwave each sandwich on high for 10 seconds.
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