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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hamburgers at Home

How to make Hamburgers at Home Recipe

hamburger (1/4 pound per person)
1 T oil

Use only ground round. Allow 1/4 lb. per person. Shape that much into 2 thin patties ( use the lid to an 8 oz. margarine cup in which to shape the patties).

Press hamburger into lid evenly.

Makes it very flat & uniform in size. It drops right out when you bend the lid a bit. Place each patty on a square of waxed paper, stacking these in a coffee can, with a tight fitting lid.

Freeze them this way to use within 3 months, removing only as many patties as you need at a time. Lightly oil a flat grill, the kind you would ordinarily use for making pancakes.

Get the grill HOT and sear each patty quickly in about 1 Tablespoon oil turning only once to sear the other side.

Then depending on the degree of doneness, adjust heat to medium-low for additional cooking.

Do not use a skillet with collared sides or you'll trap in vapors, moisture and you will be "frying" the hamburgers rather than searing them.
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