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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fresh Berry Jam

How to make Fresh Berry Jam Recipe - Fresh berries make the best jam, and there is no need to use a commercial pectin.

Makes 4 (1/2-pint) jars.

4 cups sliced fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, blackberries, loganberries or other berries
3 cups sugar

In a large non-aluminum saucepan, combine berries and sugar. Stir and heat slowly to boiling, being careful mixture does not burn on the bottom.

Clip a candy thermometer on edge of saucepan and boil until thermometer registers 215F to 218F (100C), the lower temperature producing a thinner jam. Ladle hot jam into 4 hot sterilized 1/2-pint jars.

Cap with sterilized lids and rings. Place filled capped jars on a rack in a large canning kettle. Add boiling water until jars are covered with 2 inches of water.

Simmer 15 minutes. Remove from water and cool on racks away from drafts. Label before storing.
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