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Friday, April 29, 2016

Chicken Taquito Ideas

How to make Chicken Taquito Ideas Recipe

Yield: 1 Servings

Boil boneless
skinless chicken breasts in water with salt
slices of onion and celery tops until cooked

Remove chicken and remove fat, etc and tear meat into shreds. (What I do at this point is stop for the day--I take the meat out, put it in a storage bag and then strain the broth and refrigerate them both.

The next morning I remove the separated top (fat) that has hardened. I then put the broth in a pan, put the shredded chicken in it, chop up a green pepper (deseeded), an onion, a couple of jalapenos (deseeded), all cut in small pieces, some garlic, more salt and pepper, and then depending on the amount of chicken I put in
one or two packs of Taco Bell or your favorite taco seasoning packets.

Then I just let it slowly cook for a couple of hours (until the peppers and onion basically disintegrate into the meat), then turn up the heat and boil until all the fluid is boiled away, stirring almost continuously at the end so the meat doesn't burn. Let meat cool so you can touch it. In the meantime take corn tortillas and dip in hot oil just a few seconds to make them limp and drain on paper towels.

Then working in an assembly line fashion, pick up enough meat to hold in your three fingers (like your making a homemade cigarette) and put it on one end of a tortilla and roll it up tight and secure it with a toothpick in the middle. I make a bunch and freeze them.

Make them all before you cook them because it's too hard to make and cook at the same time. Then just fry in a couple of inches of hot oil and take out and drain on paper towels and salt while warm. Take the toothpicks out after they're cooked.

You can also use this meat to make shredded chicken and cheese enchiladas or flautas (taquitos made with flour tortillas). Enjoy--these are really good. I also make these with shredded roast beef and have also made them with shredded pork from pork tenderloin roast.
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