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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Inihaw na buko salad

How to make Inihaw na buko salad recipe - Do not throw away roasted coconut juice. It is valued for its medicinal properties and is definitely a refreshing drink especially when served cold. By Gene Gonzalez

2 cups buko meat or roasted coconuts
1/3 cup kaong
3/4 cup cream
1 tbsp. condensed milk
1/3 cup nata de coco

Mix all ingredients together.

To roast coconuts:
1. Skin coconuts until a thin layer of fiber is left on the shell.

2. Place coconuts on a grill. Roast coconuts about 20 minutes or until the outside is charred. Continue roasting with the embers for another 55 minutes.

3. Extract juice by plugging a hole on top coconut. Cool and scrape off roasted meat.
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