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Thursday, April 21, 2016


How to make Dinengdeng Recipe - Some cooks sauté the Bagoong Balayan with the shallots and ginger first for a deeper flavor.

1 cup water
1 pc. grilled fish, sliced
2 tbsp. bagoong Balayan, strained
2 tbsp. shallots
1 tbsp. ginger
1 cup string beans, cut into 1” pcs.
1 cup eggplant, sliced
1 cup ampalaya, sliced
1 tbsp. tomato
salt and pepper

1. Boil water with fish to absorb flavor.

2. Remove the fish and set aside.

3. Pour in bagoong Balayan. Let it boil.

4. Add shallots and ginger.

5. Add the string beans then the eggplant and lastly, the ampalaya.

6. Simmer for a few minutes and add the tomato. Let it boil again.

7. Lastly, add the grilled fish on top and simmer to cook.

8. Add salt and pepper to taste.
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